Missing location - null location

When dragging items around sometimes they go, by error, in unknown location/folder. Meaning items don’t have location assigned - Inbox, tag, or group. How do I find such items? Is there maybe way to create a smart group to catch such instances? Where are the items with “null” location saved? They show up in search but not in the groups.


You could try to reveal (see Data > Reveal) the items after searching for them. Is “null” actually displayed anywhere?

They aren’t going anywhere by error. Items showing no location are in the root of the database.

I would assume you are using View > as Three Panes which only shows groups in the item list. If you click the empty area under the groups, you will view the contents of the root of the database. Alternately, swith to View > as Split and you’ll see the documents.

Ok, understood! Thank you very much for the quick response! Much appreciated! As you can tell I’m still learning the ropes! :slight_smile: For Location, it’s showing Blank.

You’re welcome.

Correct. That’s the root. Technically it could be listed as / but most people aren’t familiar with UNIX symbology like that.