Missing Plugin?

Hello DT staff:

  1. I’m using OSX, 11.2.3, Silicon. I’m having difficulty adding some data to DT.

  2. I opened a web link which then opens a document in a new tab (if I were to download that document it would be in pdf format). I’m simply trying to import into DT a link that shows the first page of the document.

  3. In Firefox (using Duck search), I open the document; select my Clip to Devonthink extension, but nothing happens (but the extension works properly on other pages). If I go to Share/Devonthink via the search bar and then select Clip to DT the dialogue box opens. When I select add, the web link is added – but the area where I should see the web page text is just black.

  4. In Safari, however, the C-to-DT extension does open when selected; when I select “add” it does add the web link but area where the added web page text should show is black. And there is a message that says “Missing Plug-in”.

  5. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the DT extension but that didn’t change anything.

  6. What is odd is that I was having this problem a few days ago, but then it started working properly (data added as PDF+text) but not its not working again (and I don’t see the option to add PDF+text). I have not added any new programs or updates software in the past few days.

  7. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Then maybe it would be useful to post the URL where this is not working.

There multiple URLs, too many to post (but each URL provides data re: a particular business). Thanks for your assistance.

If you want somebody to help you, you must at least give them some information so they can reproduce the problem.
I was not talking about “all URLs”, BTW.


Perhaps it’s me who has taken your tone incorrectly, but I guess I have. You are potentially doing me a favor, but it feels grudgingly delivered. So, just ignore my e-mail if you feel inconvenienced. I don’t know if you work for DT or are an official moderator for the forum. If you are, then my apologies for having asked a question with insufficient detail to render assistance.

Not a solution, but a workaround - in Safari, do File, Save as PDF and save to the DT Inbox (assumes you have Finder integration checked in DT preferences. Another version of the workaround is to do file, Print, choose PDF from the Print dialogue and then Save ODF to DEVONThink.

With respect to the actual problem, I think it’s worth raising a support ticket - you’ll get more detailed and (I hope) helpful responses

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Thanks a lot, ThatGuy! Appreciate the suggestion and I’ll submit a ticket.

You can tell members of DT staff and “simple” users of the forum apart easily: DT staff have an additional symbol - green & white, representing the nautilus - in the bottom right-hand corner of their profile picture. You can also review the Trust Level of a user by clicking on their profile picture (potentially twice; and selecting Expand); DT staff are at Trust Level “leader” and are marked as moderators. Non-staff can (to the best of my knowledge) only reach Trust Level “regular”.

However, it’s still the case that if you post a URL with which you are having trouble, helpful ppl in the forum will try it for themselves and are more likely to be able to assist you :slight_smile: