missing scripts

For mysterious reasons, I’m suddenly unable to access some of the scripts that come with Devonthink. For example, in my Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Scripts folder, I have subfolders with scripts for such things as Comments, Data, Dates, Download, etc. But none of these shows up in the scripts menu, regardless of whether Devonthink Pro Office (v. 2.7.5) is running in the foreground or not. Would appreciate guidance on how to reinstall them.

Did you allow the Install Add-Ons routine to run after updating to the current version of your DEVONthink application? If not, click on the name of the DEVONthink application in the menubar and choose Install Add-Ons, and run the procedure. Did that solve the issue?

If not, try this routine for exorcising gremlins from a computer: restart the Mac.

Thanks, Bill. Gremlins vanquished.