missing service: DEVONthink – Import & Delete.scpt

I haven’t launched DEVONthink Pro Office in a while, so I can’t really pin down when this disappeared.

I have a “watch” folder on my desktop, and it used to have the “DEVONthink – Import & Delete.scpt” service attached to it.

Now it’s not working, and that service doesn’t show up.

Any suggestions?

First, navigate to ~/Library/Scripts/Folder Action Scripts to determine if that folder action is still installed. If it is, then skip the next step and go to step three, below.

Second, if the folder action is not installed, go to DEVONthink > Install Add Ons … and install the Folder Actions

Third, open Folder Actions Setup (it is frequently in Applications > Utilities). Select the folder in the left hand pane, making sure the checkbox is checked. In the left hand pane you’ll see which folder actions are associated with that folder. Make sure the DEVONthink folder action you want to be assigned has been assigned and is checked. If not, click the plus-sign at the bottom of that pane and choose the correct action to assign.

Folder actions are not services. Were you expecting to see this in the Services menu?

Okay, I see I was missing a step. I had to right-click the folder, then go to services, then select “Folder Actions Setup.”

(Which is in /System/Library/Core Services)

Still, nothing happened to the PDF file in my “import & delete” folder.

Then I thought that perhaps the script was only triggered when the folder changed. So I removed the PDF file from that folder, then added it back.

That worked!

Thank you for your help!