Missing share formats in DTTG 3.6.2

When trying to share to DTTG with the Clip to Devonthink function on my IOS and iPadOS devices, the format options only include: Rich Text, Formatted Note, Markdown and Plain Text. This limited behavior is new, first noted first a few weeks ago. I’ve not seen any other notes about this so I expect there may be some new setting I’m not aware of. No issues with Clip to… on my Macs. Help? Advice?


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We have made massive internal changes to the extension. What exactly are you sharing to Clip to DEVONthink and which options do you expect?

Hi Eric.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I use Clip usually for articles from the Guardian app on iOS and iPadOS.

Just now, realizing that it may have something to do with the Guardian iOS app and the updated DTTG, I just tried to clip something on Raindrop that I had copied from the Guardian. When DTTG came up, the options missing when clipping directly from the Guardian app were available. So there’s something about the Guardian app itself that creates the issue. I suppose it’s possible that there are other apps about which that would be true. As the opportunity presents, I’ll try clipping from other websites to see if there are any others with that behavior.

bob burr

Thanks for digging that out. I was wondering what was wrong with the Guardian-DT workflow, too. Before, I’d always clip articles as bookmarks or so, and that’s no longer possible.