Missing Thumbnails for PDFs

I created some pdfs yesterday and they are all missing thumbnails (instead of an image, the file is all white). This is also the case for any previously created pdf that I edit. I tried updating the thumbnails, emptying cache and repairing and rebuilding the database but none worked. Could someone help me?

This is an issue with 2.9.12 and should be resolved in the next maintenance release. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Thanks for your reply @BLUEFROG. Do you know when the next maintenance release will be? PDF thumbnails is a very important feature for me and I am essentially paralized without it.

I can’t comment on timeframes as Development is a dynamic environment. Note you can still press the Spacebar and open a QuickLook window while navigating with the arrow keys, in the interim.

I know about the quick look function but without thumbnails it is nearly impossible to build your database out of thousands of documents/photos.

You could downgrade to version 2.9.11 until version 2.9.13 will be available. Another option is to upgrade to Sierra.