Missing toolbar search suggestions

On Mojave after typing su in the toolbar search field DEVONthink suggests support. But on Monterey it doesn’t.

The toolbar search’s settings are the same and on both macs the same database is selected. What am I missing?

Hey :slight_smile: So on both devices the empty toolbar search field shows Live & partial matches while typing? And when you enter su, the advanced sections shows All matches su* on both devices?

Same databases opened & active on both Macs?

Hey (I didn’t forget your message) :slight_smile:

No, after trying all settings I ended up with only Ignore Diacritics activated on both macs.



MS 1



MS 2

Yes, it’s the global inbox on both (and there are records that match support, it’s just not suggested on the Monterey mac).

Did you enable the hidden preference EnableSearchFieldAutocompletion?


No! That’s it.

On the new mac I used DEVONthink’s help to go thru all existing hidden preferences and activated what I used on the old mac. @BLUEFROG this hidden preference is not listed in DEVONthink’s help (anymore?).

For other users: Run this in Terminal.app to activate search field completion.

defaults write com.devon-technologies.think3 EnableSearchFieldAutocompletion -bool true


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Ah, an image says a thousand words :slight_smile:

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I’ll check this out. Thanks @pete31.

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Note this option is only enabled when Live while typing and Partial matches while typing are disabled.

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