Missing Tutorial Videos

I am doing a trial of Devonthink Pro Office. I want to learn how to use it but when I go to the tutorials in the Support Assistant they will not play. I just get a black rectangle with navigation arrows. Am I missing some basic setting? Are they accessible from another browser?

They should be available now. They were temporarily unavailable following the shift to the new forum format.

It still doesn’t work.Is there any other way to access the tutorials?

not working for me either :frowning:. Can these videos accessed somewhere else?


The tips and tutorials in Help > Support Assistant will be fixed in the next maintenance release, which will be soon - possibly this week.

yay…I works now with 2.3.2. Thanks!

Can’t find them to begin with. Where do I have to look (on this website, I suppose, but where? Not even search renders an answer)?


Forgive me. I found them, in the welcome window (or how what do you call it?).