Missing Wordservice functionality w/ Leopard

After upgrading to Leopard and reinstalling Wordservice, it seems as if many of my favorite functions in Wordservice are no longer functional. I remember a list like this:
Remove line endings/multiple spaces/multiple feeds/quotes
Remove attachments/links
Trim line beginnings/line endings/lines
Sort lines ascending/descending
Shift left/right
Initial Caps Of Words/Sentences
All Caps/Lowercase
Macintosh/Windows/Unix line endings
Mac- to Windows-Encoding/Windows- to Mac-Encoding
Encode/Decode tabs
Straight/Smart quotes
Insert short/long date or date & time
Insert time
Insert contents of path
Speak native/german text
Stop speaking

Now I have a list like this:
Remove Attachments
Remove Line Endings
Remove Links
Remove Multiple Feeds
Remove Multiple Spaces
Remove Quotes
Shift Left
Shift Right
Sort Lines Ascending
Sort LInes Descending
Trim Line Beginnings
Trim Line Endings
Trim Lines

I’m missing quite a few of my favorite functions since upgrading. Am I missing something?


These are all commands of the “Format” submenu, other commands can be found in the “Convert”, “Insert” and “Speak” submenus. Maybe you’ve used ServiceScrubber on Tiger?

I realize the bottom part of my post are in the submenu of the format…is this not where the wordservice commands are located? Maybe I’m mistaken, but I seem to remember functions that allowed me to change cases and insert dates and times that used to be in the format menu…and I had always associated these to wordservice.

If I’m mistaken…what are the wordservice functions and where are they located? Is there any documentation on using the service?

When clicking on the release notes link in your download section, it takes me to a macupdate page (macupdate.com/info.php/id/10523/wordservice) that shows the format submenu that I currently have, but it also lists all the commands I’m missing as available with this service. How do I access these additional commands?


Just have a look at the ReadMe or the Convert, Insert and Speak submenus.

Sometimes I feel completely computer illiterate and on the lower end of the IQ scale…this would be one of those times.