Mixed media in a note - what am I missing?

Mixed media?

How do I had photos to a text note, or add a phone number to a photo, or sketch something on the same note as where a photo exists? Surely DTTG doesn’t prevent more than one type of information per note, right?

“Text” would be a bad choice for note format
For Mixed Media, I chose “Formatted Note” which supports embedded images

I can also use the share menu to send photos, pdfs, … to DTTG

I am experimenting at present…will give that a go. Thank you.

looking for basic sketching w/photos and type…

well, still seems like a lot of heavy lifting to keep a few photos together in a single note.

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This was really promising…had me excited for a moment.

Gave it a go…and yes, bulk images were moved in a note, sort of.
No way to easily go into the note to add text (wysiwyg style…hunting through links to add text and then preview again…too much hassle), it is all markdown language (which is what is mentioned in the post),) no way to zoom…

maybe asking to much to drag’and’drop to arrange. not critical… zooming, adding notes to page w/images easily, yes…that is important.