Mobile documents and DTOP

Hi everyone, I am looking for help with mobile documents and dtop. I carried out a clean install on my iMac installing Mojave, I also upgraded from DTOP to DT3. I don’t require the IOS ver anymore so I removed it from all of my IOS devices. I now only require DT3 to run on my local drive. However, dtop is still taking up about 60Gb of space on my local Macintosh HD as mobile documents / dtop. Anybody know how I can delete this content from my local drive. Thanking you

  • Are you syncing the Mac to iCloud?
  • If so, why? Do you have another Mac you’re syncing with?

Hi Bluefrog, I’m connected to iCloud drive, but not specifically for DT3. Used to sync to another Mac laptop whilst on DTOP, but I don’t have to sync to another Mac anymore, just need DT3 on my local drive. Thanks

You could Control-click the iCloud sync location in DEVONthink’s Preferences > Sync and choose Clean Location. This would remove the local sync data and iCloud should eventually remove the sync data from Apple’s servers too.

Thanks , I will that a try

Thank you Bluefrog, that worked well and resolved the issue. Cheers

You’re very welcome :slight_smile: