Mobile Safari share sheet bookmark functionality help

Hi there—using the share sheet in Mobile Safari, and having a couple issues with creating bookmarks. Using latest DTTG 2.7.6 in iOS 13.3

  1. I can’t seem to edit the description of a bookmark
  2. For logged-in sites such as Twitter, the title of the bookmark initially shows the correct title of the page, but then switches to something generic like “Twitter” so I have to edit it again manually, which is time consuming and difficult as I can’t see the page
  3. When I select some text on the page, the option to create a bookmark is not presented. The text is (helpfully!) copied into the body of the text note, but I’d also appreciate the option to create a bookmark with a custom description

Am I doing something wrong here? Or are these limitations of DTTG at the moment?

To answer your questions:

  1. The description is not currently editable in the share sheet
  2. I haven’t been able to reproduce this however will look in to it.
  3. If you select and share text in Safari only the text is shared with the share sheet and not the url. Unfortunately there isn’t a way for us to access the url either hence the only option is to provide the text in a text note.

There are two ways to share selected text. The first has the limitation you mention of no URL—i.e. select text and use the share pop-up = no URL.

However, if I select text on the page and then use the share button at the bottom of the Mobile Safari interface, it has both the URL and the text included—but when I then choose DEVONthink, my only options are for text notes and not a bookmark. When I create a text note it includes the URL in the URL field of the item.

I will look into this.