MobileSync trouble

In syncing to my iPad (to DTTG), there is some files that I do not see at all in my MobileSync that are trying to sync over, causing DTTG to crash. How might I eliminate these files that I don’t see?

I typed a rather lengthy response to your original post, which you deleted by the time I hit the submit button. Now you get my condensed version. :slight_smile: Delete the database in DTTG (swipe across it from the home screen) and then sync the database back to DTTG.

Sorry for the hassle. I had to re-post. Swiping doesn’t seem to bring anything up for deletion in DTTG. That’s a one-finger swipe?

Yes, one-finger swipe on the database name from the home screen. You have to swipe from right to left-the reverse doesn’t work.

Got them both deleted. Got a “connection lost” on the first attempt. Now DTTG keeps crashing when attempting a sync. Arghh.

If you are deleting all the databases in DTTG, it might work better to do a clean reset. Go into your iOS Preferences, go to DTTG>Troubleshooting>Reset and click on Reset on Startup. If that still doesn’t work, then delete DTTG and reinstall to start over again.

Followed your instructions. Doing another sync now. The syncs, I notice, have been very slow. Kind of strange, the way it progresses so slowly and then, all of a sudden, it’s done. I just checked my files on the iPad and this sync seems to have worked. I’ll keep an eye on it. Thanks.