Models and text rendering should improve

I a using and appreciating more and more Devon Think in my work.
I find it very powerful, flexible, and finally convenient for serious, massive work.

There is just two items I would really like to see improved: the rendering of text typos and models:

Texts always appear tiny by default on my screen. Also, when I print a rtf text, there is always a large blank column to the right of my page.

I hardly use any text models at all, as I find them ugly. They could make some use of fonts, color and perhaps icons. Table sheets are also a bit difficult to manipulate.

Hope those suggestions help.

That reminds me to ask if anyone has suggestions for DT Sheet rescaling/printing with more optimal page coverage. Sheets with a small number of relatively narrow columns will leave most of the right side of printed page blank. Sheets with a larger number of columns cover entire printed pages but text is downscaled unreadably small. This would also be applicable to saving Sheets as PDF documents. Definitely something I’m inept with; any help is appreciated.