Modernizing my backups


I know it´s a quite late post, but still way before the 3 years deadline, so hopefully somebody can and will advise.

I recently start to backup the DT3 database to iDrive using Synology´s own app. The Backup runs and seems to finish just fine. However, ever since I started this a couple of weeks ago I notice a strong behaviors.

When starting DT3, my one and only database´s name is written in italics, and indeed I do have to confirm that it is not in use elsewhere.
I do run a copy of DTtogo on my iPhone, but other than that no other software should acces the database.
I should note that I do - of course - close/end DT3 normally each time I am done.

Any ideas on the root cause, if it´s dangerous and/or how to stop this?



What app? Synology Drive?

my one and only database´s name is written in italics,

And is the database open?

Sorry, too imprecise.
I am using the iDrive app from the Synology app store (“Paket Zentrum”).

No, the database is not open.

Unfortunately, the behavior appears somewhat arbitrary, just today everything appears to be fine.
Also, I am not sure if a sync issue between iDrive and the NAS could case database issues on my laptop…?


Is the data base stored on NAS?

If a database isn’t open, its name is shown in italic type in the Navigate sidebar. This should be the case in both the Favorites and Recent Databases, e.g.,…



File Types is open.
Automation is not.

Note: Active Issues is in grey since the database isn’t in its expected location in the Finder. If I move the database back to its original location and reopen the Navigate sidebar, it would appear in black type. The database can actually still be opened with a double-click in this state, but will remain greyed. @cgrunenberg would have to comment on if it should change appearance (and perhaps update its file path, though I don’t know the technical details here).

ok, thanks, I was indeed worried about potential data loss.

But - until I first noticed this behaviour, the data bawe (it´s the only one I use) was automatically opened (and thus the warning never appeared). 1. So this somewhat suggested a risk when opening the database. 2. Is this a changed behavior that the recent database is not opened automatically?

Thanks a lot again.

Where is the database located, the file path in the Finder?

Databases that are open when quitting DEVONthink should reopen unless they’re not found or DEVONthink had terminated abnormally, e.g., a crash.

the fie path is

DT3 did not crash… the database appeared like normal in the left panel, but in italics and the subsequent warning when opening it…

I have had that happen for seemingly random reasons as well, but haven’t investigated carefully enough to find a pattern.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.