Modifications to Sorter

Maybe these capabilities already exist, but if not, it would be wonderful if the sorter included the following options: (1) continuous resizing (like any Finder window), not just sizing using the quantized geometry of the current entry boxes; (2) manual control of the size of the boxes (or at least some choices of size); (3) the ability to place folders in the sorter and, when adding new items (documents, web sites, etc.) to these folders, that the folders be spring-loaded so that hovering the item over the folder allows one to dig deeper into the folder hierarchy to exactly the place you want to place the new item.

You can place groups into the Sorter.

For spring-load databases and groups, check out the Groups & Tags panel, which can be used for sending clippings or Finder files to any group in any open database.

Thanks Bill, but you did not really answer the enumerated questions, all of which dealt with the Sorter per se. Might you respond to these? Thanks again.

Didn’t answer those because I’m not a developer, and they are in the nature of feature requests. But Christian also tracks the forum.

A great many user requests and suggestions have been incorporated as the DEVONthink applications evolve. Some have not, and some may be prioritized for later consideration.

Requests and suggestions that receive support from other users are more likely to receive priority.

Hopefully high quality requests that don’t necessarily get support from a high number of users (e.g. because of being more subtle, under-the-hood, etc.) also get some priority consideration. :slight_smile: