Modified date not being updated

I’ve discovered with a couple of documents I’ve edited in DTG on iPad that the modified date is not updated. These documents then appear in the wrong order in folders and searches.

The documents had been locked on the iMac, to which DTG syncs via Bonjour. To edit them on the iPad, I click on Info, then the padlock icon and then I can click Edit in the toolbar. After editing, I click the x button.

The changes I’ve made sync to the Mac, but the modified date doesn’t get updated on either device.

I’ve tried verifying and repairing the database on the iPad, but this makes no difference.

Is there something else I should be doing to fix this?

What kind of documents did you actually edit?

One was RTF and the other was formatted note.

I’ve confirmed an issue with RTF(D) and am filing an issue on it. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Thank you.