Modify iPad Sync to Full sync

I set up sync from my Mac to iPad. Did the ‘direct’ option. Bought the ‘extra’ in DTTG that allows metadata since but not full sync. Want to change to full sync but cannot see how.

Thanks in advance,

There are several ways to control this, but if you already have ‘on demand’ sync going open info in the database list in the left pane of main view of DEVONthink To Go and change ‘One Demand’ To ‘Always’ and you will get a full download of data in that database on your Mac.

“On Demand” means you get metadata but not the full file, “Always” means you get the full data file too.

Hope that helps.

Not helping here. I suspect I need to delete the iPad app and start over.

What specifically isn’t working?

Oops. seems to be working now

Glad to hear it :slight_smile: