Modifying copied documents

I know that modifying a copy of a document in a database does not update the original. However, does modifying the original update the copy in the database? If not, isn’t indexing text documents the best way to go since Devonthink does not do a good job of retaining document formating when files are entered into the database?

How do others handle this problem in an efficient manner?

For those files captured using Index, when the externally linked file is updated and saved the changes will become visible in the database, although it’s usually necessary to select the document and press File > Synchronize.

For text-type files, which when Imported are captured into the ‘body’ of the database, changes to any externally-linked file (especially in the case of Word .doc files) are not reflected in the database and require reimportation after modification.

For those Imported file types that are captured into the database internal Files folder (PDF, postscript, images, QuickTime media), they can be edited using Launch Path or Open With to open them under an appropriate application, then modified and saved. The modified file is saved into the Files folder, replacing the original version. Now select the file in the database, invoke the Synchronize command ant the changes will be visible.

A future version will automate the Synchronize procedure.

Version 2.0 will modify the database structure so that all Imported files can be edited and changes will be visible in the database.

Most of my database contain Import-captured files, as I need the databases to be highly portable.