Modifying item name doesn't change mod date

I’ve just noticed that if I make edits to the Name of a text item, the modification date of that item does not change. It changes only if you modify the body of the item.

Same applies to the Comment, which I use for searchable keywords that may not be in the item itself. I suppose one could argue that changes to a Comment should not change item mod date. But I don’t see how you can make that argument for item Name.

As far as I’m concerned, the present set-up makes complete sense. We all use metadata (title, comment, label) to help classify our documents. If at a later point I decide to reorganise my files (as I frequently do), I don’t want the modification date to change each time. Why? Because if those documents that I’m reorganising date back to July last year, I don’t want to lose that important bit of information (i.e. these documents were written/edited/imported in July 2004). In any case, why would you want to record the date and time that you added comments/ changed the title of a file?

In one sense, I don’t think the title of an item is any different to the keywords you type into the Comment pane - all are used to help classify or sort your files… they’re all metadata.

You’re making a good argument based on your own usage patterns. But I think you’ll grant that it does depend upon how one structures items. For me, the title or name of text items is often significant in itself, and not necessarily reiterated in the body. In some DT views of search results, it’s all I’m seeing at first, and thus it’s content. It’s significantly less “meta” than comment or label.

I see what you mean. I often find myself using the title of a piece of writing as the name of the document, and thereby don’t feel the need to add the title to the body text (as I would if I were writing by hand or on a typewriter). In that sense I agree that the name/title is less “meta” than comment or label. But I’d argue that it is metadata all the same, acting as it does as a window into the body text.

The thing is, I often use part of the name as a tag for sorting (e.g. chapter titles preceded by 1, 2, 3…). The order might chop and change, but this doesn’t mean the content has changed too. Also, I might want to rename a document in order to differentiate it from a newer document on the same subject. Again, I would want to know when each of them was last edited.

I suppose my main point is that, once the modification date has been changed, it is irrevocable. Whereas the solution for your problem is fairly simple - ‘touch’ the body text (although, annoyingly, the developers seem to have removed the “Touch” function, which means we have to do it manually).

When I wrote my original post, I wasn’t even sure if this was a feature or bug. At least now I know it’s a feature. :slight_smile:

I think we both make sense, but in the end I give the point to you. And yes, if I really want to change the mod date, I can change the item’s body in some way. (I’d been wondering what happened to Touch.)

Touch is still there, but in the Scripts menu under Dates. I lost it too and was freaked. I’ve reassigned an iKey shortcut so it works just as it did before.