Modifying Mark As Unread behaviour

I find the ‘Mark as Read/Unread’ feature very useful, but is there a way to stop the default behaviour of a document being marked as read when clicking on it? I ask because I sometimes need to glance at documents (not just their titles) to remind myself whether or not they’re high priority. cturner’s ‘toggle-read’ script* with a keyboard shortcut makes reverting the change quicker, but it’d be even better if I could just manually assign read/unread status.


I change the view not one without a preview pane (e.g. List View) and do this:

I’ll often use Quick Look to preview items under the global Today SG

… or in other document lists where tapping Space displays QL previews without marking items as read.

What would be desirable is something like TruePreview for DEVONthink.

Thanks. Hadn’t thought of using Quick Look, good idea. (Though you’re right, a TruePreview-like approach would be better, no need to open and close QL panes all the time).