Modifying the "Add as To Do to OmniFocus" Script

As I read my own subject line, I suddenly want to change the name of the script to the “As It Is Such So Also Is it As Such Unto You” script. (This obviously would be a special script to search out “Arrested Development” quotes from a selection of data bases and add them to OmniFocus.)

However, my original purposes in posting is to once again seek the wisdom of the gurus.

I use the OmniFocus script on items in the global inbox, and I like to first select all the items in the inbox on which I am going to use the script; I go through the in box, and apply a “action” tag to the items that require action. Then, I select said tag and have a convenient display of only the items that I want to send to OmniFocus for future action. One by one I apply the script to the items I have tagged as “action”, and then I remove the tag.

Can anyone advise me as to the do-ability (and suggestions towards accomplishment?) of the following: 1) So that I could command-select all of the action items and run the script to send a link for each item to OmniFocus all at one go (creating a separate task for each); and/or 2) modify the script so that it removes the action tag when the script has finished creating the OmniFocus task.

Thank you very much for any thoughts or guidance on this!