Money back to all DTTG 1.x.x?

Hate to be negative, but I really have to rant on DTTG:
“I like DT Pro and been using it for years even though there are some annoying issues here and there. But DTTG is an embarrassment to the company. Moreover, charging $15 for this piece of unstable soft users who already paid $40 and up for various desktop DT products? C’mon… this thing can’t even sync properly. You guys need to reimburse all customers of DTTG 1.x.x. until a stable and functional version is released. However, given the historical pace of DT development, I cannot count on any near release of a useful DTTG build (and please don’t blame Apple for their slow app approval process - they are Gods of speed compared to you).”

Disappointed as well. Not a very stable app… I’m really not sure how to use it in any way given the limitations. Does the same thing as Evernote but without the cloud sync.

My issue right now is, that it’s slow. It can be faster to open Safari and run a search on the internet, than opening DTTG (which is usually open on my 3GS) and running a search (which often won’t return results on topics I know are in the DB) and since a search in a document for a word doesn’t work right now, even getting results can be less than helpful with a 100+ pages PDF.

How many documents are in your database(s)? We suspect it’s due to the large size of the database and the performance of Core Data, but we’ll investigate further.

Apple has not given us the means to refund purchases through the App Store. I’ve recently joined DEVONtechnologies and am working on the issues. We also have a new sync process in the works that we hope will address the sync issues. I will also be addressing sync issues as best as I can in the meantime.

You can always contact us at for help with a specific issue or to provide us with more information about the issues you are experiencing. Sometimes we have a hard time reproducing issues, so this can help us find them more quickly.

the DB I use on my iPhone 3GS is 5,1GB with ~2100 items but only ~1800 are synced to the phone via replicants.
I can understand that the size may cause issues, but I bought DTTG to have the info with me at any time and there are only a few groups I don’t mind not having available. Currently the speed and the inability to search inside a PDF for words are hampering my use of DTTG and make it difficult to recommend the app to anybody, whereas with DTPO I’ll praise it to anybody who’ll listen.
Please fix these issues, the sync issues at the beginning were bad, but you sorted those out, please fix the ones mentioned above.

Thanks for that information. I’ll do my best to address these as soon as possible.

I have done beta testing on DTPO, if it were possible to also join the DTTG beta program, I’d be happy to provide feedback.

Please send me (eboehnisch(at) your device’s UDID (from iTunes or XCode) and I’ll provide you with our beta NDA.

Sent, thanks for adding me.