Monospaced Fonts Preference

What is the command format for setting the new MonospacedViewFont and MonospacedSidebarFont hidden preference? I tried:

defaults write com.devontechnologies.think3 MonospacedSidebarFont -bool TRUE
defaults write com.devontechnologies.think3 MonospacedViewFont -bool TRUE

But it doesn’t seem to work. I tried looking it up in the manual but it only gave me the name of the preference, not the format of the command to set it.

In a related note, is there some magic to being able to select the San Francisco font for everything? By default System Font Regular is set for full screen editing, but I can’t see how to select it for Plan Text or Rich Text.

Finally, thanks so much for Python support in Prism! That’s fantastic. :+1:

Which version of macOS do you use? This requires at least Catalina.

I’m on Catalina on my main machine, but running the Big Sur beta on my MacBook, where I’m looking at this now.

All hidden preferences are described in the help (see Documentation > Appendix > Hidden Preferences), DEVONthink should be quit before running the Terminal commands.

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Thanks, the on/off links in the help doc did the trick.

Is there a way to specify an exact UI font? I would like to use a more compressed proportional font like Avenir Next Condensed.

No, this is not possible at this time.