More cloud storage database confusion

I am attempting to access a db that I created a few years ago. It is located in a Dropbox folder which I’ll call “OLD” for purposes of this question. When I try to open it from either insider DT or just by clicking on it in Finder, I get a popup that says " Databases can’t be located in cloud folders. DEVONthink can automatically relocate the database “XXXXXX.dtBase2” to a safe location in your Home directory or show it in the Finder to move it on your own."

It has ALWAYS been in that Folder, since the day it was created.

But here’s the additional confusion. I have ANOTHER folder of DT databases in the same Dropbox account (But a different, personal, sub account which may matter) where I store all of the db’s that I use currently, which I’ll call “NEW” for present purposes.

All db’s in NEW open and close with no problem. All db’s in OLD have the problem. Similarly, if I create a new db in NEW I have no problem doing so. If I try to create a new db in OLD, I get the error message.

I’m pretty sure that it has to do with the structure of the Dropbox account (or sub account), because Devonthink also will not allow me to create a new db in either iCloud or OneDrive.

But what is it about NEW that is different and which allows me to store DT db’s there? Obviously there are unique criteria about NEW that allows this, but I don’t know what they are.

Note: NEW is in a “team” shared Dropbox folder. OLD is not.

But the point is that even NEW is STILL located in a Dropbox folder on my HDD no matter what DT thinks. (It is NOT in a sync share.)

To get to the “why” will need have the developers explain, if they are so inclined.

I just take note that DEVONthink is not a multi-user application, and even though you find it sometimes works (not working in OLD vs. you report it works in NEW), it’s specifically NOT recommended to store the databases on a local folder that is synced with “cloud” services. See page 12 of the DEVONthink Manual (ver 3.6.1).

I suspect the reason is simple. DEVONthink databases are not in a “file”. They are actually a OSX “package” of a large number of files an folders all supposed to be controlled by DEVONthink. But if these files/folders get synced, out of the control of DEVONthink while DEVONthink is working on the files, problems will eventually ensue. All cloud sync services are pretty much autonomous and use their own rules and schedules for synching.

Just a hunch: are the OLD databases based on a different version than what you now use?

Meantime, best to move and use al your databases from a local unsynced location.

As noted many times on the forums and the Help, you should never put your DEVONthink databases in any cloud-synced location or you could irreparably damage them (no matter how long you feel you’ve gotten away with it). It is not - and never has been - data-safe.

A screen capture of the Dropbox structure showing the OLD and the New subaccount could be helpful.

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This is why DEVONthink explicitly will not open, sync, or allow creation of databases in a cloud-synced location. Now to determine why you have this anomalous behavior.

But the fact remains that virtually every database I use in Devonthink is stored in a Dropbox folder that I access from two different computers.

And again, you shouldn’t no matter how long you’ve done it. We have more than enough support tickets with reports of databases damaged by this habit.

OK. Well, I’d urge you to instead of trying to figure out the “why” just move them all to a local storage folder not subscribed to a Cloud sync service, verify and repair them, etc. Rebuild what might need rebuilding. Etc. Then go from there to figure out how to share with colleagues.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

I figured it out. It’s a folder permissions issue in Dropbox.

Is the issue with the NEW or OLD directory?

I’m hesitant to tell you cuz then you might go figure out a way to change it. :wink:

It seems to be a function of how the folder is set up in Dropbox. I went into Dropbox and created a new folder (“TEST”) at the top level account, but only invited one person to join, me. Devonthink seems to like TEST, as it allowed me to create a new db inside it, and is allowing me to access db’s that I coped from OLD to TEST. So, to simplify: If I copy Dbx from OLD to TEST, I can then open it in DT from Test, but I still cannot open the version of Dbx that resides in OLD.

The folder where OLD resides is in a folder that was never part of a “team,” but was a personal folder that got linked to my Dropbox user credentials when I upgraded the account from personal to “Business.”

So it appears to have something to do with how Dropbox creates folders inside “Dropbox Business” accounts.

Thanks for the clarification.