More consistency in HUD panels

It’d be great if the HUD panels were more consistent.
For example, why is it that the Take Rich Text panel does not allow us to give the note a name?


That’s a question for Eric & Annard :slight_smile:

If you are referring to the one in the Sorter, it’s quite simple: there may not be space. The first line of your note will be used as the title.
The Take Note panel has space for a title at all times, but even there it’s optional. The title will be the first line of the note if you don’t enter one.

I selected the text of your last posting. I pressed CMD + ) to take a rich note.
I get to select where it is going… inbox, or somewhere else.
But I don’t get to choose the name.

Is it likely that a note that begins with the words: “If you are referring to the one in the Sorter” will be much use in the future? No, I’d want to give it a title. But, to do that I have to switch to DTP, go to inbox, select the note and give it a new title there. This defeats, at least for me, the benefit of the take rich note function. I may as well copy and paste into the inbox, since I’m going to have to go directly there and give it a useful title before I forget what it’s about.
Not every note that I take begins with words that will help me find that note afterwards. I understand that DTP gives us many ways to locate material. But in some cases browsing a certain Group is the way to do it.

I was not referring to the Sorter at all. But I have tried that now, and I get the title Text Drop, which is marginally better, because at least it tells me that I haven’t given a title yet.

But the best system would be like the “Take Note” tool, where I can give a title before typing my note.


We also have a new note widget that may work the way you want it. Please give that a try as well.

This will be supported by the next beta.