More database follies

Sorry to keep posting these problems, but I just had a doozy with DT1.8. I rebuild my database so that I could take advantage of the new database features, and now ALL of my HTML files are blank. I’ve tried exporting them out of the database to doublecheck their contents, and have confirmed that DT somehow wiped out all of their contents when it rebuild the DB.

I still have a backup, so this isn’t disasterous, but does anyone know what happened? And, is there any way to get this to work properly?


Could you please send us the database (e.g. to our FTP server < so that we could check this on our own (we haven’t received a similar report so far neither did such a problem occur during betatesting)?

In addition, are the HTML pages really missing or does "only" the preview not work (e.g. switch to source view to see if the contents are there)?

My database was as well completely messed up when I started 1.8 the first time. Right now, I exported manually and I’m starting to reimport one-by-one. Very frustrating.

Sorry for the inconvenience. But if the problem occurred right after start up, then the previous version probably caused the problem (as the start up does not modify databases). Which version did you use prior to v1.8?

The last available (1.7.5 or .6 I suppose). The corruption happened when I agreed to convert the DB to the new format… Maybe there was some corruption before - but anyway…starting from scratch now…

You could switch to the backup files (see subfolders "Backup" or "Backup~" if available) as rebuilding does not overwrite the existing database.

Nope, viewing source, or exporting an html file shows it to be empty.

I’m uploading my database right now to the incoming folder - it’s called DEVONThink, and is a compressed archive of my Application Support -> DEONThink folder.

It’s pretty big (36mbs) so it’s going to take a bit, but it should be up in about fifteen minutes.

Oh, and I actually don’t have a backup of my files, so I guess I’m going to have to re-import them again. :frowning:


Strange - never found a new file on our FTP server. Did you really upload them or were you able to solve the problem?