More date options needed for smartgroups

I am using smartgroups extensively in my DTP database (1.5 million documents, over 1 billion words), and find them very useful. I now want to set up smart groups to organise documents by date added. Since I have been adding content since 2003, I would like to set up smart groups for each month and year since that time, but find the standard options too limiting, i.e. I can only set up a group for this year or last year.

I would like to have the option of specifying start and end dates. Can this be added to DTP in a future release?

There have been several requests for extended date options in smart groups and I too would hope to see this area improved. One utility that you might want to try now is Ammonite. The latest release has some pretty nifty date searching capabilities, although there is no way to create saved searches.

That looks interesting.

I presume it only applies to searches, not to smart folders?

Yes, Ammonite performs its own search of the database.

The Today, Yesterday are just fine as Smart Folders, but the This Week and This Month really would work well in conjunction with the ability to say Past 7 days, or Past 28/29/30/31 days. I like to see my last week’s stuff, or my last month’s stuff, not just since the start of the week/month.

That would be REAL NEAT! :smiley: