More Dropbox sync woes


I am now consolidating some smaller databases I had created in the past into a larger one.

Every database has historically been syncing on Dropbox, since I have had access to a 2T Dropbox account for a few years now.

I ran into a few sync problems, especially with my 2 iDevices running DTTG, and have created a new sync location on Dropbox which seemed to have fixed the issues of misalignment between the global inboxes on my 4 devices, 2 Macs, 1 iPhone and 1 iPad.

Yesterday I found a new issue, very similar to what has been experienced and noted in this thread:

This happened between my 2 Macs, so DTTG was not involved, and it happened on the new sync location that I had moved my data to after the directions I received from @BLUEFROG.

I had just few files in this small test database, those in plain text were accessible fine, while those in RTF showed the “File not yet available“ in spite of closing and reopening the database, and forcing sync either via the global command or selecting the “Download Pending Files“ option.

Note that this database had only IMPORTED files, not a single file was indexed.

Yet, this was the icon shown after each file:

Finally, to solve the issue I used the same workaround I used last week to get around the Dropbox sync issue, and that is using iCloud to sync my data.

Luckily I have just upgraded my storage plan on iCloud to 2T, and thus I have enough space for all my databases.

A bit of a pain to see Dropbox sync not working properly…

Bye, Luca

This doesn’t sound like a Dropbox issue, it’s probably an incomplete migration from one sync store to another. Ideally this should be performed on the Mac (after synchronizing all devices/computers first) and the database(s) should not contain any pending files (without downloaded contents). Was this the case or were any issues logged to Windows > Log?

This was between my 2 Macs, DTTG was not involved at all.

I don’t recall if there were log message, I immediately tried a workaround as I did not have time to do more debugging.

I am now experimenting a bit with Bonjour too, as the Macs are on the same network.

Still, I do need a cloud sync for my mobile devices.



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