more flexible strip extensions

I recently experienced database corruption, and had to export/re-import everything. What a total pain in the butt! Admittedly, the only thing that I lost was the .rtf that I last created, so it wasn’t a major data loss. However, when I was doing the re-import I realized that DT could be much improved with a very minor tweak…

Please, please, please make the ‘strip extensions’ option more flexible! When I exported, it appended .rtf to all of my rich text files, even though that wasn’t part of their originaal titles. Thus, I wanted to strip these extensions when I brought them back in. The problem is that I actually want extensions like .pdf and .jpg left on the file names. But the ‘strip extensions’ setting is all or none. It either gets rid of every extension, or it leaves them all on. It seems like it would be pretty striaghtforward to implement check boxes such that you can specify the types of extensions that you want stripped. Otherwise you either have to go through and strip (or recreate) extensions by hand, or import some things with ‘strip extensions’ turned on and some things with it turned off.

Actually, in lieu of the above, I’d settle for a complete lack of database corruption – then I’d never have to go through the pain of of exporting and importing. But I’m a realist, so it would be very helpful if you could do the above. Thanks, and keep up the great work!

Did you use v1.8 or a previous version to rebuild the database? Because the integrated rebuild command of DT 1.8 uses the previous name of the contents and ignores the preferences. In addition, exporting contents using and DT 1.8 and reimporting them again does use the previous name too (im/exporting and rebuilding are completely reversable now).

Hmmm… No, this happened while I was running 1.7.X (X=4?). It sucked. Glad to hear that this won’t be a problem going forward from here.