More fun with "images"

So I have indexed images of 61 files, leaving the originals in their home folder. I did NOT import the documents themselves.

But my DTPO database now shows 122 files. When I click on “Show in Finder,” in one case it will take me me to the correct original document in its home folder, or in the other, to a place in the actual DTPO database where it appears to be storing the image.

So the net of it seems to be that, when I index, it creates two items in the DTPO folder. One for the original and one for the image.

I’m assuming–as I almost always do–that it is user error, and that I have some setting or other all verklempt. But this is an enormous amount of clutter.

If it matters, the files are email attachments from a research service (Westlaw). I just “save all attachments” in Mail, and they are saved as .doc files where I put them. The indexed images are all .rtf files.

I’m confused.