More granularity for smartgroups

Having used DTTG for a week my most wished for feature is more granularity for smartgroups.

I would like to show individual tags, individual labels or mixtures of metadata like in the mac app.

While we have things on our radar for future enhancements, remember: iOS ≠ MacOS.

Not only is the OS more limited on a mobile device (despite Apple’s hype), but the screen space we have to work with is likewise MUCH smaller. A high density of information on a small screen is very problematic from a design and usability perspective. Remember too that we have many Users with poor / failing eyesight and we need to make sure they are taken care of as well.

Your requests are noted though. :smiley:

The plan to make Mac-style smart groups (probably best the ones synced from the Mac) work on iOS is there. But that’s a different beast than what we’re doing right now. And, as Jim points out, it’s still iOS with all its limitations.

Yes but I don’t think it is beyond the realms of possibility to have specific labels, or tags as a smart group within iOS.

You’re totally right. It’s on our long-term to-do list.

I understand the limitations of iOS vs. OS X. Nevertheless, one of the best avenues for improving the experience on DTTG2 would be to have as much as possible feature parity in the realm of smartgroups.

As long as it is technically feasible, I would see this as a good opportunity for another “pro-pack” for in-app purchasing. The free upgrade to DTTG2 and the few-$ pack for editing etc. were in my view quite a steal for users like me. I’d happily pay quite a bit more given how valuable the DT ecosystem is for me. Yet you don’t want to price out newcomers and occasional users by making the base version too expensive; but someone has to pay for these efforts. So high-end add-ons are the way to go, in my view.

I support the request, so I hope there will be a new function soon :slight_smile:

Happy new year!



I miss the smartgroups (I’ve created on my Mac) on a daily basis on iOS. Having those SmartGroups exactly there where I’ve stored them on the Mac would be a dream (e. g. a SmartGroup within a customer- or project-related group).

It would be OK to just use them - not modify them on iOS - a huge improvement for productivity.