More Markdown Support


while I like that Devonthink can work with many document types, I mostly use markdown for my own notes and, e.g., a wiki-like know-how database.
Reasons are, that it’s lightweight, one can use basic formatting while it’s still perfectly readable without any special application (compared to rtf or html)
I really like the automatic wiki-Links feature provided by devonthink.

Things I miss:

  • an Icon for “Create new markdown” for the toolbar , like there is one for plain text or rtf
  • wiki-links are not shown in the “preview” mode. So while I’m browsing/reading, that’s when I like to see formatted/preview, I cannot easily navigate.
  • perhaps a Tool that converts wikilinks to x-devonthink-item:// links

kind regards

You can just drop your template in the relevant Templates folder, restart DEVONthink, edit the toolbar and drag the new icon to your toolbar. Easy enough.

Your templates should go here: ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Templates.noindex/Toolbar

Works for scripts as well.

About the links: personally I prefer to use the x-devonthink-item links over the automatic wiki links, because it still works independently of possible name-changes of the documents. It requires a little bit more work, but not too much if you use shortcuts like Ctrl-Alt-Cmd-C to copy an item link, for example.

I’m having difficulty making these instructions work. Here is what I did:

Create a blank Markdown file
Save as a template using File > Export > as Template… in the Templates.noidex directory. Saved with name “New Markdown Text”
Restart DTPO
Test out using Data > New > With Template > New Markdown Text
A Markdown file is created. Note that it has “.md” as part of the name of the item, which is not preferable
Open Finder to Templates.noidex directory
Right click on tool bar and select Customize Toolbar…
Attempt to drag new template from Finder to Customize pane. No dropping allowed.
Close Customize pane
Attempt to drag template directly from Finder to toolbar. No dropping allowed

What might I be doing wrong?

You need to save the template in the Toolbar folder located inside DEVONthink’s Templates.noindex folder, then the item(s) in that folder are added to the other options when using the customize toolbar feature.

A Toolbar template needs to be in the Toolbar folder in the Templates directory. It will be available after relaunching DEVONthink.

Works like a champ Jim. Thank you!

You’re welcome. :smiley:

One more question. The name of the item has the “.md” extension in it, Like “Markdown”. When I use other new-document toolbar buttons, I get a tidier display, like “New Rich Text 1” without the (RTF) extension. Is there any way to mimic that behavior?

Try this…

Yessir, thank you!

No problem.