more Newbie questions

I’m a professor and I’m teaching tomorrow on two long pdfs. I’m trying to work with them in their annotation files. I’m trying to foreground key passages. Is the best way to cut and paste them into the RTF file? Is there a more efficient way?

Yes, you can clip excerpts from the PDF into the Annotation note, or make comments about a section of the PDF in the Annotation note. It’s a good idea to also paste into the Annotation note the Page Link of the page from which the excerpt was clipped or to which the comment refers.

Of course, Annotation notes can be used for documents of any filetype, many of which are not paginated. For non-paginated documents such as a WebArchive I copy a text string that’s likely very unique as a “cue” to the location of the excerpt, and that can be searched for as an exact string (within quotation marks) in a DEVONthink search.

I often use the Cornell Notes approach, especially when multiple topics are covered within an Annotation note. This is a simple 2-column, 2-row table. I’ve included a screenshot of an illustrative example.

thanks. I’ll consider your advice.

Thanks Bill I found this a useful tip :smiley: