More on Entourage/email import and eml

So I think I finally figured out how to get my email from Entourage (2008, v 12.2.0) to DTP (2.0pb7), using the “Add Message(s)…” or “Add Mailbox(es)…” scripts.

The thing is - in DTP, they are all “eml” format, which I am not quite sure what it is. Right now, the key problem is that when I add emails that have attachments (PDF or a Word doc), while the attachments show in this “eml” thing, I cannot open them.

Any tips, suggestions, or a pointer to an explanation would be much appreciated.


By default DEVONthink Pro 2 is using Quick Look to display emails but DEVONthink Pro Office includes an alternate view (accessible via the navigation bar above the email) which provides access to the attachments and makes links clickable.