More options for "Display number of items inside groups."

I thought the number of items displayed inside groups was the number of documents inside groups. Then I realized it’s actually the number of all items including groups. I’m more interested in knowing the number of documents only. It would be nice to have more control over what number to display. I attached a mock-up of what this might look like inside preferences:


Cool idea, though being a global preference would be more useful if settings could be overridden on a per-group(?) basis (if somehow possible without over-complication) in different contexts. Otherwise I’d prefer just having your “Groups and documents (separate)” choice be a single “Display number of groups/documents inside groups” preference that could be enabled/disabled, replacing the current “Display number of items inside groups” pref.

Yup, count me in as someone who would like to see a preference not unlike like what you’ve mocked up, cubicray.

Thanks for the feedback! Glad the gods like my offering. :slight_smile:
I posted a similar suggestion for instances:
Limitations with Instances Presentation + Possible Solutions