More Spinning Beachball Than I Am Used To


I upgraded from my TiBook and Jaguar to a new machine (17 inch, 1.33 ghz powerbook with a gigabyte of RAM) and Panther last week. Now when I paste a copied Safari page into a new rich text document in DT and save it I get a minute or two of spinning beach ball before things settle down again. This – to say the least – worries me a bit. Anyone else experiencing something similar? Is this a known issue?

For the rest I am very, very happy with DevonThink.

I’ve been getting the spinning beachball when copying text into DT from the clipboard via the “new with clipboard” contextual/dock menu. Rebuilding the database didn’t seem to help.

Mine don’t last for a minute but are definitely much longer than “imports of olde”.

It’s a bit annoying.

Well I’m a bit relieved that I am not the only one. Two questions:

Has your beachball activity DRAMATICALLY increased post Panther?

If, when you say “rebuild the database”, you don’t mean ‘Backup and Compress’ what do you mean? (And how do you do it?)

"Backup and compress" and "verify and repair".

It seems that my beachballs have increased with Panther but I also have several third party SWs installed.

We’ve received different reports - sometimes the performance increased under Panther, sometimes it decreased. Delete the preferences (com.devon-technologies.think.plist), use “Backup & Optimize” and relaunch the application. This solved the problem in most cases but we’re still investigating this.