More suggestions for Search

While I wait, as I know many others are, for boolean search operators in DT I want to suggest a few other advanced search options, particularly fuzzy searching with the ability to select the degree of fuzziness and phonetic and synonym searching. These features have been available (and very useful) for several years on the professional pc search app dtsearch. Below Ive pasted the search features as listed on

Finds grammatical variations on endings, like applies, applied, applying in a search for apply

fuzzy searching
Finds words even if they are misspelled. A search for alphabet with a fuzziness of 1 would also find alphaqet. With a fuzziness of 3, the same search would find both alphaqet and alpkaqet

phonic searching
Finds words that sound alike, like Smythe in a search for Smith
synonym expansion

Finds word synonyms using a comprehensive English language thesaurus (dtSearch Web can also support custom thesaurus terms)

I feel the same need. Having the software automatically consider 1 degree of fuzzyness and grammatical variations is quite valuable.

Excluding words below 4 chars too: the, is, are, six, a, an, … even better, there should be a dictionary of excluded words, maybe more than one, since we use different languages (I use Italian, German and English).

Maybe DTP could use the system dictionary?