More Sync problems...

Until I updated to iPad IOS4 all my syncing worked really well. I use Bento and DTTG every day and sync to my office iMac before I go on the road.

Since the update my iPad is having trouble seeing the iMac on the local network. On Bento I have sort of managed to get around it by telling it to sync to a new computer; this prompts me for a passcode on the iPad which then forces the iMac to see the iPad; I put in the code and can sync as before.

With DTTG I hit the sync button on the iPad and up comes the “Please select a computer on your local network:” screen, but my local iMac doesn’t come up. If I try the Reset Synchronization Settings button nothing happens. Setting up a direct network connection does not work either, neither does changing the network (I have two secure networks on my Airport Express, one personal and another guest network).

The MyDevices app more often than not cannot see My Devices and when I look for the iPad in Safari it cannot see the iPad though it can see the DTP database (allowing me to login using the web server). This sounds to me like a problem with Bonjour, but more likely a wider issue with IOS 4.

Does anyone else have the same problem and, if so, do they have a work around until the problem is fixed as I rely upon having my DTP database with me when I go out, and going back to carrying the Apple netbook would be a real pain after the luxury of holding the iPad.


With 4.2.1 I’ve noticed DTTG at times at first does not see the desktop computer, and then after a few seconds the computer appears on the sync screen. I’ve not found a reliable way to reproduce this. I also have trouble with Bento syncing. At first, the sync never ends. If I quit and restart Bento on iPad it syncs ok the second time. On the other hand, 1Password syncs without a fuss. So, I can confirm your experience of flaky Bonjour syncing with 4.2.1.

Thanks for the confirmation Korm. I must admit that I have found nothing on the web that seems to point out this clear problem that the iPad4.2.1 upgrade has produced in terms of syncing.

Like you I have had difficulty reproducing the problem - sometimes I can manage to get the sync to work (restart iPad, restart iMac, cross fingers and make a cup of tea sometimes works!) This is obviously a real headache for support people as intermittent problems are always the worst to try and fix.

I think that until people start to report this problem we are going to be in a bit of bother. That being said, I don’t think that this is a DTTG issue at all, but a Bonjour one. Sadly though DTTG is affected so if anyone at Devonthink has any ideas of a way around this until Apple pull their finger out it would be appreciated.

Regards to all,


I don’t think it’s the Bonjour issue at all. I have several other iOS applications that sync via Wi-Fi and have had no problems. I think sometimes it take DTTG more than a few seconds to find the Mac in the wireless system, but I haven’t had the issue you experienced though.

I’m seeing the problem you describe. I sometimes get the name of my MacBook Pro but when I tap it, it disappears.

Sometimes, it doesn’t show up at all.

I also use DTTG on my iPhone 3 GS which does NOT have this problem.

Any ideas from the developers?


As noted elsewhere on the Forum and from my own experience, the WiFi functionality on the iPad with iOS 4.2.1 is substantially less robust than it was in iOS 3.2.x. There is an Apple Support Forum on this issue with 1,000’s of complaints about WiFi functionality since the iOS update. There is not much we can do as developers in this matter, but given the widespread nature of complaints in this area, Apple should have this fixed in the next iOS update.