More Sync Problems

Well, DTTG is causing sync problems for me (like so many others).

Setup: Clean DT 2.1 install on OS X 10.6.8, on private, clean WiFi network (everything else between Mac, iPhone and network working flawlessly).

An initial sync works fine. Then, when I try to do subsequent syncs, it fails:

  1. Start sync on iPhone, click computer name, which flashes but doesnt display anything else.
  2. I get a “pairing” dialog on my Mac (telling me to enter a 4-digit code), but my iPhone just fails to show a keypad to enter the digits.
  3. Click sync button again on iPhone and get “Connection Problem” popup.

Clearly, the two apps are badly mis-communicating. The Mac desktop wants to verify stuff, but the phone isnt displaying the necessary keypad to let me enter the 4-digit pairing code, so everything is broken.

Sigh. DT is a great stand-alone program, but the lack of peer sync, no cloud sync, and now a buggy DT to DTTG sync is really making me think I need to look elsewhere.

What version of iOS are you running? Which iPhone do you have?

If I understood you correctly, you were able to sync once (with the PIN prompt), but a subsequent sync displayed the PIN on your Mac again? Could you try syncing again and tapping the “Reset Synchronization Settings” button?