More Toolbar Buttons

I’m not a big fan of toolbar buttons, but do suggest adding more to the database and document windows for some more commonly-used commands; i.e., Reveal and See Also.

Toolbar buttons are quicker and more convenient than finding commands in long contextual menu lists or in the main menu.

Reveal will be added to the next beta (see my other post) but the navigation bar (the one right above the document view) contains already a button to open/close the See Also/Classify drawer.

Thanks. Those navigation bar buttons are a little obscure and permanent. Toolbar buttons can come or go with on a whim, often depending on their popularity with the user. Also, there’s the advantage of all buttons in one location.

I agree :slight_smile: these navigation bar buttons are a bit to small, I would love to see the ‘See also’ button in the toolbar… :slight_smile:

I think that an unclustered GUI is very important for the usability of the app. It is sufficient read one time the instruction (or go with cursor over it) to learn what these “little obscure and permanent buttons” do. :wink: