Mount/unmount encrypted volume AppleScript

I wondered whether anyone would be interested in my AppleScript to mount an encrypted volume then launch DT, and if it is already mounted to exit DT and unmount the volume. The idea is to put it on the Finder bar so that you can easily secure your database with a single click.

Comments / suggestions / improvements gratefully received. Please do let me know if I’m reinventing the wheel, I did do a brief search and couldn’t find anything similar.
Lee (3.74 KB)

Thanks for posting this script! Two minor issues/suggestions:

  1. There are still two references to a disk named “Paperless Office”, this should be diskName probably.

  2. Instead of using ‘open item appPath’, use ‘tell application id “com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2” to launch’. This makes the property appPath obsolete and therefore simplifies the configuration of the script.