Mount volume doesn't work

Hi there

2 days ago I cloned my external hard drive to a new bigger one and renamed as the previous one and finally reconnected it to my Mac.
Looks like that this action broke the links between my files I sync in DTK3 in the external drive as now in all my databases folders where I have my sync files now it says “mount volume”
I clicked on the button “mount volume” but no change the files still not anymore visible
What action should I do to recreate the link between the database and the files ?

thanks for your support


What’s the path of indexed items and what’s the path of the new volume? Does a reboot fix this?

they are the same as I just cloned the old drive to the new one and then renamed the new one exactly the same as the old one.
Currently the “new” hard drive is correctly mounted on my Mac and I just rebooted my Mac no change the files are unconnected to the databases

Index a file on the new volume to a new database. What’s the path of the indexed file (see Info inspector) and how does the path of an indexed file in the old database look like?

Jut done the test and for me the path are the same for both

The old path:

The new one (for test)

As you can see the beginning is strictly identical specially the Volumes’ declaration

I also close the database and then reopen it by selecting it from the location on the new hard drive where it stands now

The volume name/path is actually different: Documents Bruno HD vs. Document Bruno HD.


aaahhrggg :frowning: not seen that

thanks to point this to me I am going to change the naming of my hard drive and see if it resolve the issue

just tested after changing the name of the hard drive it’s OK now I get again my files correctly

thanks again for the support


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You’re welcome.