Mount volume to access files

Hi. I initially copied and then pasted files from an external drive to my Mac DTPO database. However, once I remove the external drive from my Mac some files within my DTPO database are not available anymore; i.e. it says “mount volume”. Otherwise unavailable files become available only when I connect my external drive back to my Mac. What should I do in order to have my files available within my DTPO database as well?

I suppose you indexed the files instead of importing them. There’s a chapter on these two methods in the online documentation.

Short answer: Mount the volume and import the files into your database.

Longer answer: Most every question around importing vs. indexing has already been asked and answered in this forum. So feeding these words into the search should give you all information you need.

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Why are you copy and pasting files? :thinking:

Because that’s what I’ve been doing it all the time without a problem, though first coping files from my external drive to my Mac local folder then pasting it into my DTPO database. I guess it doesn’t work directly from an external drive to a DTPO database. I’ll remember using an “import” function.

You could simply drag& drop them