Mountain Lion and Versions?

I’m trying to get used to the programs that use “versions” for various documents (e.g. TextEdit, etc.) where you can look back and restore prior versions. If you put a document in DTPO (or create one), will older versions be saved. It looks like it may work if you “open in” and use the underlying program. However, it also seems like if you import a new document different underlying versions, the underlying versions don’t get imported (but I can’t tell for sure).

What about notes created and/or changed in DTPO?

thanks in advance.

OS X keeps all versions – from all applications that use versioning – in a hidden folder at the root of your hard drive – .DocumentRevisions-V100 – there are SQLite databases in that folder that the filesystem uses to manage versions. DEVONthink does not know about anything in those databases. The only end-user way to get access to the Versions databases is through the UI of a program that uses Versions under OS X 10.7.n or 10.8.n+. DEVONthink has simple plain and rich text editing capability built in for .txt, .rtf/.rtfd files (it also edits .html and .csv files, which are merely flavors of .txt). DEVONthink does not use the filesystems’ versioning capability for files it edits.

Documents imported into DEVONthink do not retain the version history – this is because the imported document is a new document from the filesystem’s perspective. Indexed documents do, however, retain their version history because with indexing there is no new document created.

Here’s a few scenarios to consider:

  1. A document created outside DEVONthink and imported into DEVONthink does not retain its version history.
  2. After it is imported, any edits made to a document by a program that uses OS X Versioning (e.g., TextEdit) will be tracked in the version history.
  3. Documents indexed in DEVONthink retain their version history (i.e., the link to the OS X versions databases.)
  4. However, indexed documents that are “Move(d) Into Database” immediately lose their version history.
  5. DEVONthink’s internal editors (rich and plain text formats) do not interact with OS X versioning.
  6. If a document is opened from DEVONthink to TextEdit, edited, and then saved – and later you make several “versions” changes to that document using DEVONthink’s editor – then finally the file is opened and changed in TextEdit – OS X considers all the changes made in DEVONthink as one version.

Wow, that’s pretty complicated. Thanks for the help on this!