Mountain Lion e-mail problem

Was reading Eric’s Devonian Times about problem with Mountain Lion and e-mail plug-in. PLEASE do not think this is a low priority for many of us! I use it daily, as do many of my associates.

Thanks for paying attention!

Gloria Wilson


Thanks for your support and rest assured that we are hard at work on the problem. We don’t want to deliver anything still broken so we thank you i[/i] for your patience.

Thanks for your response … don’t know what happened to the last line of paragraph one there … no disagreement! I’m holding off on Mountain Lion for a while yet. DTPRo Office is my MAIN helper and backup file system for all important papers!

You guys do a great job!


Please tell me if this has been fixed or how to fix it. This is delaying my work.


Bill Wilkins

I’m glad to know its being worked on