mouse click and drag technique

Hi All,

Having a bit of a problem with some of the click and drag rules. I am trying to drag a jpg from inside devonthink onto the icon box of the info panel of a group (so as to change the appearance of the icon). So what I do is select that group, and bring up the info pane. I have the image i want to drag visible while still having that group selected (so it stays in the info pane. So i go to the image, and click and hold so as to move it to the icon in the info pane. But when I do, it selects and drag selects the item! (rather than moving it) So it unselects the group in the process and I lose the info pane for that group. This is really frustrating, just can’t seem to move the image into the icon section of the group info pane. What am I doing wrong? Thanks,


IOW, to use a “copied picture” open the jpg in it’s own window in DEVONthink, or in Preview or some other image viewer, select and copy the image, and then go to the Info panel, select the icon, and paste.

great, thanks!