Mouseless Search Navigation

Hi all,

I’ve searched through the forum for keyboard-only search navigation and there are posts, but none I found address some of the functionality I’m looking for, so I’m posting anew.

I know how to get to the search bar w/o a mouse, but once I’m there, can I do either of the following w/o the mouse:

  1. Indicate which database I’m searching?
  2. Traverse the results?


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This is possible by appending scope:…, e.g. scope:inboxes, scope:selection or scope:Articles.

You could either use Ctrl-Tab to jump to the search results and afterwards just the arrow keys or use e.g. Go > To Next/Previous Documents and their shortcuts.

This is exactly what I want to do, thank you!

I have implemented very basic re-mapping KM scripts to simplify navigation:

CMD+S: Search
CMD+R: Results of search
CMD+G: Go to Group
CMD+M: Move file to

E.g. one for Go to search

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@cgrunenberg is there also a way to jump from search window to search results in the DT’s sorter analogue to the shortcut in the main search window?

You are overriding:

CMD+ S : Save
CMD+ R : Reveal
CMD+ G : Find Next
CMD+ M : Minimize Window

I’d suggest rethinking this and using a different command key.

is there also a way to jump from search window to search results in the DT’s sorter analogue to the shortcut in the main search window?


Tab is sufficient in this case to switch to the results.

Somehow this does not work for me …

Are you using the menubar or docked tab option for the Sorter?

I am using docked tab option on the right side of the screen.

When used as a docked tab, the Search hotkey isn’t focusing the search field in the Sorter.
It behaves as expected in the menu bar.

I.e. there is no way to jump from search bar to the search results in the docked tab?

Actually, Tab-down arrow and Tab to return to the search field works.

Bravo! that made the trick! Appreciate your help :slight_smile:

No problem.

Just an update in case someone will be solving same issue. The lack of “search” window in the DT3 sorter always bugged me while saving material into DT3, so I combined the bookmarklet code from DT’s PDF bookmarket with the tip discussed above (Tab + Tab) to build a KM macro which:

  1. saves the webpage as PDF (paginated)*
  2. jumps directly into the Search field to allow me to file it into the right spot

You can re-use the java-script code from official DT bookmarklets to select the format you prefer.

This works finally the way I would want it to behave giving me the search option in the dialog and putting the mouse in the Search field directly :slight_smile:

The lack of “search” window in the DT3 sorter

What “lack of search window”?

hei @BLUEFROG - this is what I mean:

Default clipper in DT3 with “Location” but no “Search” (very manual - I prefer search as it is faster)

vs Bookmarklet / JS incl. a “Search” window which allows me to search for a folder/group I want to file the file into.

The KM macro above jumps directly into the “Search” so I do not really need to use mouse in the whole saving journey.