Move a Group into an external Folder


I have more than hundred groups in a database. I want to make these groups being folders in a Finders directory. Every item in each of the groups shall be a file in the Finders hierarchy. How can I make it by one™ click?

Thanks in advance and kind regards, Friedrich

Select the group in DEVONthink and choose File > Export > Files and Folders?

You do realize there will be no relationship between the folders outside DEVONthink and files inside the database after you do this. If this isn’t desirable, please clarify what you’re hoping to happen.

PS: “one click” is not always a good idea, nor is it often possible.

I want to change the place where the groups/folders/directories and item/files reside. But I do not want to loose any information or relationship that was defined in DTPO with regard to these folders/directories/groups and items/files.

Let me say, I want to make a group to be a directory, but not change anything in DTPO than that every group and item gets an upwards-right-facing arrow.

Are you referring to groups in DEVONthink or indexed groups in the Finder? :question:

From DEVONtech group to a folder in the Finder? :question: