Move an item from one folder to another

I mistakenly saved a pdf into a folder and cannot drag and drop it nor copy and paste it into another.
Kind is PDF+text and it has a secure URL associated to it
If I Copy and go to the other Folder there is no Paste. If I select the URL the same

Please help

Thank you

Copy and Paste of files is a Windows convention, not a Mac one. Drag and drop is the Mac method.

Do you mean a group in your database?

What does Window > Log report?

I am on a Mac running 10.12.5 and DevonThink Pro 2.9.11

Have you tried Control click>Move To? This will open a drop down where you can select the Group yo want to ove the document to. Also could try the top hat.

Thank you, that did it.
Didn’t know the gear was a top hat.

Glad it helped.